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Gallery-CASUS BELLI- 2K18

As per the culture of Devamatha College, every academic year the Department of Commerce organizes an intercollege commerce and management fest “CASUS BELLI” .The event plays a vital role in moulding tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, managers and marketers through a variety of programmes.

This year the 16th edition of South India’s Commerce and management extravaganza “CASUS BELL 2K18” was hosted on 4th August 2018. The fest was inaugurated by Mr. Shaji.T.Joseph(The Chief Manager of South Indian Bank,Kanjirappaly).The fest had 466 participants from various colleges. It was executed with a total of 7 events planned and organised at its best quality: Business Quiz, Marketing Game, Corporate Survivor, Women of Wonder, IPL Auction, Online Dubsmash and the spot event. A new event was introduced this year, named “MONEY TRAIL”.It was introduced as a replacement of the event Finance Stalker. The main theme of the event was focused on Finance investment &Treasure hunt. The fest had prize money of 1, 23,000 for all the events in total. The overall championship was bagged by St Thomas College Pala for their wonderful performance.